• Affiliates receive a unique link to share, and any subscriptions made through that link result in a commission for the affiliate. • Users can upload their own purchased or downloaded courses to Sigma University for review by an admin • If the course is deemed relevant and in demand, the user will be awarded a sum of money • This incentivizes users to upload high-quality courses and contributes to the diversity of the course offerings on the platform • Sigma University displays ads on the platform, with the income generated from ads used for buybacks and platform improvements Daily income from subscriptions to be redistributed to holders: • Sigma University offers a tokenized system where users can purchase tokens to gain access to exclusive features and benefits • A percentage of the daily income from subscriptions is redistributed to token holders as a reward for their participation in the platform. We’re projecting a revenue of 150k monthly once this step of the roadmap has been reached. There will therefore be multiple ways for members to profit from the platform : From the affiliate links, by uploading courses, and through the revenue from the ad banner. Profit from the subscription model will be yet another stream of income for the platform.
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